ESTeam Paris Sud / UMR-S Inserm U935 « Models of Malignant and Therapeutic Stem Cells » is a Research and Development Laboratory dedicated to cancer research from basic to translational research in Hematology and Oncology based on adult and pluripotent induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).

Our main objectives are :

  • Discover novel targets and disease markers using next-generation cancer stem cell models.
  • Develop adult and iPSC-derived cell therapies for the clinically applicable future regenerative medicine protocols.

ESTeam Paris Sud coordinates INGESTEM, the National Infrastructure « Engineering of Pluripotent and differentiated Stem cells » supported by the Plan Investissement d’Avenir Program.

INGESTEM is dedicated to the reprogramming of adult cells into pluripotent stem cells and differentiated cells engineering for modeling human disease and new therapeutic advances.

Our main objectives are :

  •  To develop R&D programs that will bring new services and innovations exploited through entrepreneurship and start-ups or companies with licenses.
  • To provide products and expertises to the scientific community (public and private) in collaborative national or international projects.


The mission of the Unit U935 is to develop :

  • Translational research programs by improving scientific knowledge focused on cancer stem cells for discovering new biomarkers and treatment strategies.
  • iPSC-based translational R & D by creating iPSC models of Diseases with the goal of generating technological breakthroughs required for clinical application and personalized medicine programs.
  • iPSC-based industrial-grade cell and tissue engineering protocols based on stem cells in state of the art, newly constructed  Paris Sud University Pluripotent Stem Cell Laboratory at Genopole Evry Campus with sponsorship from Region Ile de France (CPER) and Program d’Avenir (INGESTEM).